Signs of a Jealous Boyfriend

The signs of a jealous boyfriend are red flags you need to watch out for and decide whether you want to keep up this relationship or you want to run out of there before it is too late. Jealousy is part of most relationships but if it is at a healthy level, there will be no outward sign. But if certain signs start to show up then you may need to reconsider what type of man you are going out with.

Here are some visible signs of a jealous boyfriend that you may have to be wary of:

  • Most obvious sign, he is touchy and possessive, especially in public, but not so much in private. He wants to kiss you and keep you close so every one around will know that you belong to him. This is a dangerous kind of man.
  • The mere sight of you talking to, smiling, or even looking at another guy sends him into a frantic frenzy. He gets angry and constantly accuses you of trying to get someone else and leave him or worse still of cheating on him.
  • Then there is the desire to keep constant track of your movements, trying to control where you go, with whom and when. A controlling man is obviously a jealous one as he tries to keep tags on you. He may even go ahead to insist that you only go to places he chooses. You need to run as fast as you can from this relationship.
  • Another sign is the constant abuse of your friends or anyone with whom you may spend a lot of time with. He is not abusing them because he dislikes them but rather he dislikes the amount of time you are spending with them instead of him. This can include anyone and anything, from your job to family and even friends.

Before you dump your boyfriend because he exhibits one of the signs of a jealous boyfriend, it is best to try and find out what is causing the jealousy. You may find that some of it is your fault too. For example, if you are an incurable flirt, any guy dating you is bound to feel insecure and therefore jealous. Know what is normal and know what is bordering on insanity. You do not want to be caught in a love fight with someone who is possessive and jealous, it can go very bad very quickly. So watch out!

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