Taurus Man in Love- Secured Love!!!

Don’t expect a

Taurus man (April 20th-21st May)

to be have like a romantic fool when he falls for you. A

Taurus Man in Love

is not very expressive about his emotions. He is very careful before taking any decision regarding his love life. However, when he does make up his mind about a girl, it is for keeps. It takes a woman of remarkable beauty to catch this man’s fancy. And once he has fallen for you, expect the unexpected from your Bull.

Taurus Man in Love- What to expect?


  • Two things which a Taurus man wants from a romantic relationship are stability and consistency.
  • One-night stands and casual sex is not for this man. He will always go for a long term relationship.
  • Once he has decided to make you his spouse he will stick by it, come what may.
  • He will not open up quickly and express himself openly. But with time he will get comfortable with you and start communication.
  • When he does get close to the girl, he will gift her the most finest things in the world. (That’s worth waiting for!!!)
  • A Taurus man is a man of his words. He will always do what he says.
  • He will be sensible and practical in his love life, just like he is with the other things in his life.
  • He can be very romantic too but you will have to have patience to see that side of his personality.
  • A Taurus man is not a dreamer but very realistic in his approach. He might not promise you the moon but will surely buy a beautiful house for. (What do you want- the moon or the house?)
  • He will gladly give his woman to buy things for the house. He loves luxury and perfect ambiance.
  • He can get very possessive about his things, including you. He never shares them with anyone. He will not like his woman paying attention to any other person.
  • Sometimes his stubborn nature can be very annoying.
  • The girl can become a little impatient when a Taurus man takes time to open up.


Best Matches for Taurus Man

  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Virgo

Worst Matches for Taurus Man

  • Aries
  • Sagittarius
  • Gemini


Taurus man in love

will resemble a teddy bear, ready to give you bear hugs.

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