What Are the Steps in A Relationship?

The question’What are the steps in a relationship?’, seeks to determine the phases that couples go through to be able to start saying that they are in an actual relationship. The relationship is when you fully trust each other and can see yourselves growing together, with no illusions about each other’s character.

The meeting

This is the first time you talk to each other and feel that initial rush of blood, some will call it love at first sight, but I beg to differ, I believe it is more of a sexual attraction than real love. But that is neither here nor there so lets move on, so the first attraction. Some will end up having sex at this first meeting or on the first date, but it is advisable to wait, if just to make sure that the other person is interested in a relationship as well. If it is a one night stand however, the relationship will stop here before it even begins.

Do they, do they not?

This is a period of uncertainty occurring after a couple of dates, where both parties begin to wonder whether the other person likes them as much. Also there is the worry about whether you will be able to handle this person’s shortcomings and endure their character. You learn more and as the initial attraction cuts down, you see more and you start to worry. If you survive this uncertainty, the sex comes in. That is for those who are sexually active, and your touching generally becomes more extensive and intimate. This is the point at which most couples become exclusive and stop seeing anyone else but only each other.

Intimacy and commitment

This is the final stage of a relationship and signifies your achievement of the relationship status. At this point, both parties have declared their love for each other and can foresee their future together. They are both aware of each other’s flaws but are still in love with them, you accept them for who they are and are ready to build a life together. Claims of having found a soul mate will come in here and couples will at this point decide to get married and start having children, in whichever order pleases them.


Love is the food of the soul and the steps in a relationship are the perfect way of finding it. You do not really need a guide of what the steps in are relationship are, simply follow your natural instincts and you will find that nature has programmed us perfectly to go through these steps without even knowing it. Left to ourselves, the human race might be extinct by now.

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