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Top-10-Tips-to-Date-Your-Ex--Boyfriend Top 10 Tips to Date Your Ex- Boyfriend

So, you have decided to go out with your ex, but don’t know how to go about it. Relax and follow the given tips to […]

5-Truths-about-Teenage-Dating 5 Truths about Teenage Dating

With the hormones kicking in, it is very natural for teenagers to want to go out with someone. But, in the early stages of dating, […]

Top-5-Valentines’-Day-Gifts-for-Him Top 5 Valentines’ Day Gifts for Him

Picking up a Valentines gift for women is much simpler than it is for men. For most men, materialistic goods do not really matter much. […]

Christian Dating Tips

Many Christians believe that no matter the age, you should respect your body while dating and should remain as holy and pure as long as […]

Top 5 Fun Date Ideas for Married Couples

Getting married doesn’t mean that you stop dating. In fact, it can help keep your marriage fresh and exciting. It makes you remember the novelty […]

Top 5 Double Date Ideas for Teenagers

For teenagers, double dating is definitely an interesting way of easing the pressure. It provides an opportunity for them to socialize a little, while easily […]

How to Impress a Girl you Like

So, you’re really fond of this girl, and each time she’s around, you’re totally dumbfounded. You might find it a little tricky to impress this […]

Second Date Tips for Men

Does just knowing the name of your date, her address, her interests and discussing a few simple things enable you to judge her? I don’t […]

Dating Rules for Guys

Dating is a very wonderful phase. While dating, if guys follow a few simple rules, the entire dating experience will be much more enjoyable and […]

Tips for Dating Older Women

Women actually mature much faster than men do. If you are dating an older woman, you can imagine how much more secure she is. Usually […]