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How-to-Get-a-Guy-to-Notice-You-in-Middle-School How to Get a Guy to Notice You in Middle School

You are crazy about this guy in school, but he does not seem to take notice of you. Well girl, it is time you started […]

Top 5 Signs Your Crush Likes You

Many people find it difficult to express their feelings making it frustrating to keep guessing whether the people you like has reciprocal feelings. However, actions […]

Top 15 Unique and Creative Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

I love you. These are the magical three words. Mother Theresa once said, “The biggest disease that one can ever suffer from is when they […]

Have You Forgotten to Love Yourself? – Learn to Love Yourself

Everyone experiences those days when you look in the mirror and you don’t see anything you like. It is really very easy to criticize oneself. […]

How to Fall in Love Again With your Partner?

With the busy, stressful lives we live, intimacy between two partners can fade which in turn places strain on the relationship. Having finances, children and […]

Why Can’t I Fall in Love With Someone?

Do you seem to never fall in love and have been wondering why? Are you too picky? Are your standards too high? Or is it […]

How to Make a Libra Girl Fall in Love With You

So, you have your eyes set on a girl and all you know about her is that her birthday falls in between September 23rd and […]

How to Make Her Fall in Love

Maybe she had a bad experience in a past relationship or she’s never even considered giving love a try.  But, you can still win her […]

How to Handle Age Difference in Relationships

Celebrity couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Madonna and Luz Jesus always come to mind when there is talk of gaping relationship age […]

Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys

The old cliche of “Opposites attract had been around for decades and probably most accurately described why men and women fall for one another.  If […]