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Christian Dating Tips

Many Christians believe that no matter the age, you should respect your body while dating and should remain as holy and pure as long as […]

The Pros and Cons of Kissing on the First Date

First dates or first meetings are always stressful. A few experts believe that a kiss on the very first date is actually good, as it […]

Second Date Tips for Men

Does just knowing the name of your date, her address, her interests and discussing a few simple things enable you to judge her? I don’t […]

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Dating is bliss for both guys and girls. Unfortunately, not all guys are blessed with amazing dating skills. One reason for this lack of skills […]

Tips for Dating Older Women

Women actually mature much faster than men do. If you are dating an older woman, you can imagine how much more secure she is. Usually […]

5 Dating Tips for Singles

Being single can be a little lonely at times. The worst part is it is not always that easy to meet people. And, especially when […]

6 Tips to Impress a Girl on a First Date

First impressions might not always be the best of impressions. There’s no magic rule to automatically impress every girl. Be it your innocent, cute look […]

Dating Rules for Girls – Rules Not for Fools!

Why should boys have all the fun? Just like boys, girls also enjoy dating. For most of the girls, dating is all about discovering their […]

Tips for Asking a Woman Out

If you find yourself rejected by most girls when asking them out, then you probably need to refine your technique. If you have confidence, asking […]

How to Date a Shy Girl

Many guys struggle to understand shy girls; they find it difficult to gauge what they are thinking or what they really feel. Learning how to […]